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We see a lot of injustice. Many people were punished, but they shouldn’t. People who are wrongly convicted are certainly not justified.

– BAGUS ZUHRI, S.H., M.H. (Founder of ALF)


ALF Advocate Long Experience

Abizard Law Firm: Commitment to Your Legal Solution

The Abizard Law Firm (ALF) advocacy team targets service targets to clients, which is a solution to the legal problems faced. Not merely a matter of losing or winning.


Details of ALF Legal Services

Banks and customers are equally vulnerable to becoming victims of banking crimes. ALF has a long experience of preventing it. When it happens, we provide the best solution.

Agrarian problems occur around us. The mode is various. Conflict broke out. Mutual claims occur. Expertise is needed to protect your land assets from irresponsible parties.

For employers, especially on an industrial scale, labor problems seem endless. The dynamics are high. How can the collective work agreement be effective in preventing labor cases from appearing?

Immature inheritance planning can cause a scene in the family. Understand the intricacies of inheritance early on, before drawing up an inheritance plan.

With us, you as an entrepreneur can reduce risks that can interfere with the development of the company. The system that we built closes a gap in the emergence of legal problems.

The better the knowledge of business actors and other parties about intellectual property, the potential for disputes can be avoided or anticipated.